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Why RED PILL?  Yes... this is a Matrix reference (not a political reference).

We see the current problem facing people with disabilities similarly.


There's a heavy focus in the industry on primarily medical and utilitarian based mobility solutions (Blue Pill); we propose to enable fun and exciting recreational activities through promoting performance based adaptive mobility devices (Red Pill).

For us, it's not about being at eye level, it's about your Performance level!

Why We Promote Adaptive Mobility

Imagine a world of equal opportunity movement, where people with disabilities don’t sit on the sidelines, left out of the fun. Where disability is not just about the need for rehabilitation, but about high-level performance, participation, and the joy of movement.

Enhance Participation in Life.

Enable High Performance.

Provide Pleasure in Movement.

Create Pride of Ownership.

Be Portable.

Have Practicality of Use.

At an Affordable Price

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Occupation: Real Estate, Small Business, and Consulting.


Mobility Innovations:

The creation of the concept of Wheelchairboarding which entails riding and controlling a mobility device using a wheelchair wheelie. The innovation of devices for wheelchair skateboarding, longboarding, landboarding, snowboarding,scooterboarding, and skimboarding.


Wheelchair-User for 35 years due to a spinal cord injury at age 19. Extensive experience with a wide variety of mobility devices.

Mobility Devices

Mobility Devices

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