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What is the SCI Network Project (SCINP)?

The SCINP is an internet tool:


(1) To promote and network businesses, organizations, and enterprises founded/owned/operated by people with spinal cord injury or disease. 

(2) To provide people with SCI/D the opportunity to learn about what other people with SCI/D are doing both professionally and personally. Highlighting people who serve as a source of encouragement, motivation, and industry knowledge.

(3) To showcase the wide variety of careers and professions engaged in by people with SCI/D.

How is the SCINP organized?

The SCINP uses the person with SCI/D as the central key. All entries are refer back to a particular person. Since many people "wear multiple hats" in life. Many people have multiple entries.

Why not list all businesses that are related to SCI/D regardless of who owns them?

The SCINP is not just a reference site. It is primarily a networking site for enterprising people with SCI/D. My hope is that people with SCI/D use this site to network with the real people listed on the Site.

How are people added to the SCINP?

Each page has a button link to a form which allows Network visitors to submit relevant people and their associated data to the Network. The form may also be used to submit correction as edits as needed.

How can I help the SCINP and people with SCI/D?

The SCINP depends upon crowd sourced information. There are many businesses which need your assistance to be discovered and added to the Network.

Why is it a "Project"?

The SCINP in it's current form is a "proof of concept". It needs your help and support to be further developed and refined in a more viable entity.


Why is the SCINP part of the Red Pill Innovations website?


The SCINP is currently hosted on the Red Pill Innovations website for cost effectiveness. The SCINP is an internet tool style innovation.

- Erik Kondo

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