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Checklist Tool for Wheelchair Scooterboard
Buying Considerations.

Use this Checklist Tool to help you decide which electric scooter to purchase for your needs. You will be emailed your responses to help you compare.


Electric powered attachments specifically designed for wheelchair use. They consist of a single drive wheel which is attached to the user's wheelchair by a docking mechanism of various types.

2-wheel Scooters

These are the "classic" scooters that balance on two wheels. They are the most common type of scooter and are widely available throughout the world at various price points.

2 wheel scooter_edited.jpg

3-wheel Scooters

There are two styles of three wheel scooters - Tricycle (1 in front, 2 in rear) and Reverse-Tricycle (2 in front,  in rear) which lead to different performance characteristics.

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