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Toyota Mobility Unlimited Challenge Demonstration Video

The GoBOT Proof of Concept Modes

A GoBOT is a Smart Assistive Mobility Device that enables participation in a variety of daily and recreational activities. By adapting existing consumer products, the GoBOT will enable people with lower limb paralysis to control their movement through shifting their center of gravity and applying pressure to the GoBOT’s motor and balancing control sensors providing them the pleasure and neurological benefits of balance-based movement.

"The GoBOT can be transformed into different Modes depending upon the user's specific needs, neurological and physical abilities."

GlideBOT Mode

The GoBOT in GlideBOT mode transforms the rider's wheelchair into unique experience of powered mobility. Using his or her own balancing ability coupled with the self-balancing of the GoBOT, the rider can literally glide on two wheels. The wheelchair's front casters can also be placed in the down position for increased stability when needed.

The GoBOT in KartBOT mode is for rough terrain where more stability is required such as off-road in grass and on gravel and dirt trails. In this mode, the KartBOT is controlled by hand operated levers. The front wheel and be raised and lowered while riding for added maneuverability. The rider's wheelchair can be towed in the rear.

KartBOT Mode

StandBOT Mode

The GoBOT in StandBOT mode enables people who ambulate with crutches to also enjoy effortless two wheeled balanced movementThe StandBOT is controlled by hand operated long levers that can also be used to increase the rider's lateral stability. 

We didn't make a fully functioning StandBOT proof of concept, but here is a video of someone who did.


Toyota Mobility Unlimited Challenge Submission Video
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