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PVC-X Stock List

This page contains the general stock list of supplies needed to build the PVC-X. Excluding the rear wheels, the retail cost of the materials for me was about $200 (not including taxes & shipping). Buying in bulk should greatly reduce this cost. Bolts, screws, glue, and paint are not included here either.

The cost of the rear wheels will vary widely depending upon the source, type of materials & construction.

PVC Frame Pipes and Fittings

For me, the price for these material was about $125 not including shipping. Prices and availability will vary by location.

Axle Materials

Axle materials cost about $35. The most expensive aspect is the metal collars. Buying in bulk should reduce the price significantly. Remember, you must match your axle rod with your wheel hub size! Wheelchairs are typically 1/2". Mountain bikes are 12mm.

Front Trike Wheel

The front trike wheel you choose will depend upon local availability. There are two basic types, swivel and stem. There are multiple different sources of caster wheels depending upon your approach.

1. You can purchase an assembly intended for industrial uses.
2. You can purchase an assembly intended for hospital style wheelchairs.

3. You can purchase an assembly intended for power wheelchairs.

The desired wheel size is 6" or 7" in diameter by 2" wide. Hospital style assemblies will usually be 1" in width, but they may work. Common power WC assemblies are 2" wide. Industrial assemblies will vary in wheel width and diameter size.

Ideally, the wheel would be pneumatic, but you may not have that option.

The casters you want to AVOID are the ones made for sports/ultralightweight wheelchairs. These casters are both extremely expensive and too small in size for rough terrain.

Prices will vary in the $25 to $50 range.

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