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The Caster Carry - Erik Kondo

The Caster Carry is a simple DIY dolly that enables wheelchair users with a fixed footplate to carry awkward/bulky/heavy items. The Caster Carry is essentially a rectangular piece of ¼” plywood with two swivel caster wheels on one side and a fitted blocks on the other.

The Caster Carry is placed on the footplate and secured in place by the combination of form fitting blocks and the weight of the person’s feet. Once in position, it will stay in place for use on smooth terrain. The objects desired to be carried are simply placed on the flat surface. Items can also be secured to the wheelchair’s front frame by use of a strap or bungee cord.

In order to keep the board level or tilted slightly towards the wheelchair, the diameter of the caster wheels and the height off the ground of the footplate must be taken into consideration. Additional blocks under the casters may be needed to account for a very high footrest.

Demonstrating the Caster Carry.

Taking the Caster Carry ON/OFF.

Carrying a 30 lbs suitcase .

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Yvonne Jack
Yvonne Jack
Jul 11, 2023

Wow such creativity 👌👌

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