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The Do-it-Ourselves PLASTIC-X

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The PLASTIC-X is my 6th prototype. I converted the x2 (two casters) into an X (trike) by removing the two caster wheels and adding a trike wheel.

The PLASTIC-X is very similar to the 2x3-x2. It uses PVC boards purchased from Home Depot. I think that regular (wood) plywood would also work.  The side holes are for design fun.

Stock list

Parts List (in progress)

Use 3/4" x  11.25" x 8ft and 3/4" x 3" x 8ft boards)

  • Side Chassis - 

  • Front Bottom Cross-brace -

  • Middle Cross-brace - 

  • Upper Rear Cross-brace -

  • Foot Support -

  • Lower Rear Cross-brace - (bottom/rear of wheelchair) 

  • Backrest support -

  • Left & Right Trike Wheel Support

  • Front Trike Cross-brace

  • Inner Trike Cross-brace (3)

Use 1/4" x 2' x 4'

  • Seat panel 15"x16" (2 pieces) (L)x(W)

  • Backrest 15"x16" (1 piece) (W)x(H)

  • Sideguards 17" x 8" to 5" to 2.5" (2 pieces) (L)

Note - The prototype wheelchair is sized to fit my general size. I am 5' 8" and 140 lbs. 
The width (W) of the wheelchair is 15". 


In order to increase the width to 16", add 1" to all the dimensions labeled with a (W).
To increase the length, add to dimensions labeled with a (L).
To increase the backrest height, add to dimensions labeled with a (H).


The PLASTIC-X Photo Gallery

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