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Pakistan Wood Specials (Trikes and Quads)

Pakistan Special.jpg

The Pakistan Wood Special was built by Muhammad Hussain Shah of the Special Welfare Organization using only hand tools. All the cuts were made with a hand saw. He used a hammer and chisel to make the axle holes. His little brother held the wood for him while cutting since he had no access to a vise. 


The wood was obtained from a tree that he and his younger brothers cut down and hand carried to the local sawmill. The wheels and axle parts came from an old broken wheelchair. Since a metal rod of the proper diameter to make through axle was not available, he had the two old wheelchair axles welded at the local market to a piece of rebar to create a single axle. 

This wheelchair is designed to be very strong and durable to withstand the rough terrain of his mountainous environment. It is based off the trike wheel design of the 2x3-X. 

This wheelchair is an amazing accomplishment of craftmanship using basic tools and locally sourced materials.


The Pakistan Wood Trike I by Muhammad Hussain Shah

(Made with only hand tools)

The Pakistan Wood Trike II by Muhammad Hussain Shah

(Made with hand power tools)

The design of the (II) differs from the (I) in minor ways in how some of the frame pieces are connected and how the axle is mounted.  There are many ways to create the WC-Xframe design depending upon local resources and preferred methods.

The Pakistan Wood Quad by Muhammad Hussain Shah

(Made with hand power tools)

This wood wheelchair uses two casters in the front rather than a trike wheel. Therefore, it performs better on smoother outdoor terrain and maneuvers well indoors.

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