Hire an Accessibility/Inclusion Consultant with SCI/D

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Ashley Schahfer


Bend, OR - We conduct thorough on-site assessments of facilities, equipment, and natural environments (including trail systems) to ensure everyone who visits your site can participate equitably, and with ease.

We review your site’s policies and procedures, curriculum design, or other processes, recommending inclusive strategies to improve engagement among all program participants.

We will create a comprehensive document outlining recommended strategies from assessment findings, as well as financial and programmatic considerations to ensure sustainability of ongoing improvements to your site or programming.

Deborah Davis


Westin, FL - PUSHLiving Advisors is more than a consulting company, we strive to provide a valuable partnership to our clients by being their guide to the wheelchair user community. Our goal is to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Since 2000, we’ve been helping our clients transform the way they do business in the niche wheelchair user market.

We provide a broad range of services and solutions for businesses and organizations to help them successfully include and succeed in reaching customers in the mobility disability market.

Gary Karp


The Business Case for Workers with Disabilities. It's Not About "Hiring the Handicapped" Anymore
Modern Disability is about business. It's not about charity. It's not about making sacrifices.
Modern Disability is about a dramatic, new truth. It's an amazing story: people with disabilities have been at the center of dramatic, historic changes that have removed artificial obstacles and expanded possibilities. For a wide range of reasons, they are more able than ever before!
That means business. That means a pool of talent that is poorly understood, if at all. That means people who are your customers with real and growing disposable incomes.

JR Harding


Nearly one in every five people in the United States has a disability — this equals 57 million Americans. It is important, and it is the law, that your businesses and buildings are accessible, programmatically inclusive and sensitive to the needs of individuals with disabilities. If your business is not accessible, you are essentially excluding 20% of both potential customers and prospective employees.

People like to shop where they feel comfortable and get an added value. Dr. Harding helps clients navigate through the unfamiliar landscape of persons with disabilities and offers up-to-date disability rights information and resources.

Jennifer McCallson


San Diego, CA - Team building exercises using diversity training for a day, to empower your business or academic group beyond perceived limitations.

Roll With It presents the Take A Seat program for groups of all sizes. Take A Seat expands vision, awareness, capabilities, and creativity through the unique challenge of using a wheelchair for a day. Custom designed to fit your next event, Take A Seat is a powerful experience in team building, sensitivity etiquette, and fostering self-esteem.

Julie Sawchuk


Everyone involved in planning, design, construction, maintenance and owning/operating a building with a bathroom needs this book. Although it was written with public and commercial washroom designs in mind, the information also applies to residential spaces. No matter what kind of bathroom you are building, it’s always easier to move a line on paper — before it is a permanent wall.

Katie Banister


Saint Louis, MO - Access to information is vital to living a healthy and successful life. When we know more we make more thoughtful decisions. You are the captain of your being and knowledge gives you an edge. Access-4-All, LLC has been educating and empowering our community since 1997. Our programs are informative, fun and personalized to meet your needs.

Knowing what to say and how to assist people with disabilities can be intimidating. Katie shares assistive technology, people first language, health care tips and resources that have fueled her independence.

Rose Finlay


Rose is passionate about creating accessibility solutions for small businesses and making events more inclusive. After living and traveling with a disability for the last 14 years, she has seen firsthand how big of an impact small changes can make.

Our goal is to help bridge the gaps between the disabled communities and equal access to opportunity. Using collaborative learning and consulting, we assist brands, platforms and event organizers become more inclusive and accessible. We believe that tapping into the unmeasurable potential within our disabled population is the first step to creating a more dynamic workforce.

Rosemarie Rossetti


Columbus, OH - Rossetti speaks to and consults with meeting professionals to help them create a welcoming inclusive environment to ensure that they exceed requirements mandated by the venue and the meeting organizer for inclusion and diversity. In her program Accommodating People with Disabilities at Meetings and Events, she helps meeting professionals anticipate challenges to assure a more smooth, gracious and respectful experience for every participant. She is a Meeting Professionals International Inclusive Event Designer.

Tricia Downing


Let Tricia take you on a journey of self-discovery as she shares the tactics she has learned through decades of athletic training and competition, as well as the skills she learned to rebound from her tragic and paralyzing accident. Learn practical tips for dealing with your own adversity, so you are able to bounce back more quickly and get back on the road to success.


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