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Aaron Baker


Aaron has presented to hundreds of audiences across the globe. As an international speaker, his listeners range from elementary schools to universities, support groups to medical institutions, corporate conferences and conventions. His story inspires and his message is customized allowing for engagement with a purpose.

Alana Nichols


"Alana Nichols spoke at SPIRE Credit Union’s Annual Meeting to an audience of almost 3,800 people and she exceeded every expectation. She was able to customize her talk to fit our company, culture, and values perfectly. Her talk was suitable and interesting for adults and kids of all ages. Alana was great to work with--very responsive and organized. Not only was her keynote address superb, but she also graciously interacted with attendees after the meeting. Every future speaker we hire will be compared to Alana, she’s great!"

Amanda Boxtel


Amanda can make your next meeting or corporate function a guaranteed success. She would be glad to discuss your meeting agenda and send you more information on her inspiring and dynamic presentations.
Amanda is experienced at conducting interviews for print, radio, or television appearances. She will be happy to include media appearances and interviews in advance and during your event as a complimentary bonus to her speaking presentation.

Amberley Snyder


Life’s little moments can become the biggest parts of our journey. Amberley shares a motivational message of how the little moments in her life have shaped her into a successful speaker and rodeo competitor. She incorporates her story of a life changing accident that took her path in an unexpected direction. Her speech will take you through the emotional journey of triumph over tragedy.

Anna Turney


What do you want to change? Find the motivation to make it happen!
“Anna is a true inspiration to both young and old alike. She shows in a totally natural way that the most severe injury can spur creative activity and certainly need not destroy a life. She gives hope to us all.”

 Terry Waite CBE
We all face barriers in our lives, challenges to overcome. Bad things happen to everyone. It’s how we react that matters. Inspirational speaking in businesses and schools helps to reaffirm that attitude drives achievement.

Anne Wafula Strike


Anne Wafula Strike, MBE, is an excellent motivational speaker who draws on her own life experiences and achievements to inspire her audiences. Anne is not afraid to use humour to get her message across!

From contracting polio as a very small child, you learn of the many struggles she had to overcome in Kenya to achieve her first goal of getting an education and going to university to become a first class teacher herself.

Brent Poppen


This is the speaking / school program part of www.booksbybrent.com. Brent presents to schools, with assembly and classroom programs. He also presents as keynote speaker to a variety of organizations. His unique story of triumph through tragedy allows him to connect with his audience through perseverance. His presentations discuss antibullying, believing you can accomplish your dreams, and that "you" can overcome adversity. Brent shares all this and much more in his emotional story.

Candace Cable


Freelance Writer/Speaker/Webcast Host/Social Justice Accomplice. 9 times Paralympic athlete in 3 sports 12 medals.

Carson Tueller


Carson Tueller is a speaker, presenter, and personal development coach. He is committed to empowering individuals and teams in reaching their fullest potential in their careers and personal lives. Through his speaking, writing and coaching, he reliably leaves people present to their own value and greatness, and gives them a new view of what is possible for themselves and their lives.

Chelsie Hill


"Chelsie Hill shared her powerful and tragic story in an emotionally gripping presentation. Her message has touched and positively impacted the students/parents of our community in more ways than can be measured. Chelsie's honesty and sincerity held the students attention throughout and drove home the points that when alcohol is involved-'It can happen to YOU' and 'Every choice matters!'"

Chris Waddell


Chris Waddell always thought that the lessons he learned in sports would provide the foundation for later success. As a ski racer at Middlebury College in 1988, he had no idea how profoundly one moment could change and paradoxically enhance that conviction. On December 20th, his ski popped off in the middle of a turn. He fell, broke two vertebrae, and damaged the spinal cord. Paralyzed from the waist down, he learned and achieved more than he could have imagined.

Dana Mathewson


Dana is an experienced public speaker who has spoken at both large corporate events as well as small intimate settings. She has the ability to engage her audience in a special way by leveraging her personal story of overcoming obstacles and her professional story of resilience and hard work. She is particularly passionate about topics such as education, kids participation in sports, women's rights, and the Paralympic Movement.

Dror Cohen


In 1992, then a 24 year-old F-16 fighter pilot in the Israeli Army and instructor at cadet school I was paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident. This huge setback took me a few years to come to terms with, but I went on to become an accomplished all round sportsman.

I give motivation lectures and share my story through different stages of my life, how to overcome a big tragedy,

Gabriel Cordell


As a motivational speaker, Gabriel Cordell finally gets to share his inspiring story of turning tragedy into triumph. His topics include, Finding Your Purpose, Embracing Your Circumstances and The Power of The Human Will.

Gary Karp


Fill that critical keynote spot in your meeting with a skilled, entertaining speaker offering a compelling story, who will customize his program to your needs.

Gary delivers interactive group trainings, webinars, and online programs that achieve real change in people’s understanding and behaviors with regard to disability.

Humberto Gurmilán


At the age of 15 I suffered a devastating spinal cord injury practicing my favorite sport, surfing. But, with the love and support from my family and friends and a lot of faith I was able to overcome the tragedy and accomplish my dreams. Today, I am an Emmy award winning Journalist and Producer with 15 years of experience in the media as a sports reporter and anchor. I am the Director and founder of The Gurmilan Foundation and currently teach Communication and Journalism at several colleges. My life mission is to help others by sharing my experiences and teaching how to live with courage. I currently serve on the San Ysidro School District Governing Board and I am an accomplished speaker spreading a message of hope and perseverance.

JR Harding


There has never been a more important time to understand Americans with disabilities — their challenges, potential, rights and important roles in the world. Dr. Harding’s unique story is timely, relevant and inspirational. He speaks to all audiences (both young and old, professional, and trades).

Dr. Harding has been speaking at public events for 25 years to over 250 diverse audiences – large and small (from a Rotary Club meeting to the Australian National Transportation Conference to the 2013 Boy Scout Jamboree with 20,000 scouts and volunteers.


Jennifer McCallson 


Roll With It provides motivational speaking and team building program ‘Take a Seat’, focused on expanding your company and your life through radical perspective change. Book female inspirational speaker Jennifer McCallson in San Diego, Carlsbad, Los Angeles and Southern California. Travel for keynote speaker and team building events can be accommodated.

Jordon Bone


After being paralysed at fifteen after a road traffic accident I decided to get out in the world and share my story from a road safety point of view in hopes that other young people would think twice when taking risks on the roads. This then developed into a combination of road safety and motivational talks encouraging young people to aim high when it came to their dreams. I have spoken at schools, colleges, focus groups, a panel in Westminster for ITV, The department For Transport, Brake for Road Safety Week and for the charity Equal Lives.

Joshua Dueck


His raw approach to sharing stories is refreshing and takes you through the natural cadence of life, exploring the peaks and valleys of the human experience.

His incredible success in sport has inspired him to explore the depth of his own humanity, which he shares with grace and humility. His candid observations will have you on the edge of your seat and the cusp of tears.

Katie Banister


Saint Louis, MO - Access to information is vital to living a healthy and successful life. When we know more we make more thoughtful decisions. You are the captain of your being and knowledge gives you an edge. Access-4-All, LLC has been educating and empowering our community since 1997. Our programs are informative, fun and personalized to meet your needs.

Knowing what to say and how to assist people with disabilities can be intimidating. Katie shares assistive technology, people first language, health care tips and resources that have fueled her independence.

Kevin Brooks


In just over a decade Kevin has spoken to over half a million people across North America. His story has impacted, motivated and inspired countless people, ultimately changing attitudes and saving lives.
Kevin’s mission is to impact, motivate and inspire, and he does just that in his programs for middle, high school and college students, community events, athletes, military members and other organizations.

SPEAKING TOPICS: Traffic Safety * Suicide Prevention * Mental Health * Overcoming Trauma / Obstacles * Drug / Alcohol Awareness * Leadership *

Kevin Saunders


For over 30 years, a top Motivational Speaker, helping groups like colleges, NASA, State Farm, AT&T, Exxon and others achieve success. A multi-sport college athlete who survived the worst explosion of its kind in history, Kevin was blown over a 2 story building over 300 feet landed onto a concrete parking lot, he was given less than a 1% chance to survive, Kevin rose back up to become a Paralympic Track and Field champion and world record holder in multiple events, Kevin knows what it takes to overcome obstacles, achieve peak performance, and develop a champion’s mindset in sports, business and in life.
"If everyone had 2% of your motivation, the world would be a better place!" - Oprah"
Thank you for teaching the rest of us what it means to be a real winner in life" - Arnold Schwarzenegger."
You will find his story inspiring and uplifting" – President George W. Bush

Lyena Strelkoff


A critically acclaimed storyteller, Lyena Strelkoff speaks about her personal metamorphosis after injury and the surprising power of adversity to make our lives better. Her journey led to the Shero’s Way™, a philosophy and passion for elevating the way humans respond to change and challenging circumstances. And she shares this approach with audiences nationwide, demonstrating an alternate relationship with adversity where obstacles become opportunities and there are no limits to our success and satisfaction.

Madeline Elizabeth Delp


Madeline delivers a unique experience for each audience she works with. Specific industry research and event themes are weaved into each presentation in order to create a keynote that is personalized specifically for your organization.

"After having Madeline speak at our conference, we were afraid to have anyone else speak the next year because we knew that no one could possibly match her presentation."


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