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The Do-it-Ourselves 2x3-X

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The 2x3-X is my 3rd prototype. It is the simplest and cheapest yet. Total weight of the frame not including the real wheels is about 25 lbs. 

Using the 2x3s reduces the weight of the frame. It also makes it look less bulky. I am back to using s 6.5" trike wheel. The 6.5" is much lighter than the 8" and performs fine on rough terrain.

In order to simplify the frame, the rear-axle is now going through the Upper Chassis rather than a vertical brace. Doing so eliminated multiple expensive bolts. The foam blocks are used to raise the seat to the desired level creating the "floating seat".


  • The 6.5" trike wheel ($22). 

  • Instead of metal collars, I am using cheap hose clamps for the 1/2" through axle.

  • The leg supports use 1x4s.

  • The seat and sideguards are 1/4" plywood.

  • Notice the "floating" seat design using a cut up foam block for "suspension". This method is used for lessening impact on martial arts floors for falls.

  • The backrest cushion is foam padding covered with black gorilla tape as a cover.

  • Seat cushion is made from a cut up exercise mat using a pillowcase as a cover.

The 2x3-X is very cheap and easy to build. Perfect for learning about wheelchairs in terms of design and functionality.

NOTE: I have a new design to better secure the trike wheel. It uses two vertical 2x3 cross-braces instead of one horizontal 2x4 seen in earlier photos.

2x3-X Stock List

2x3s (Three 2x3x8' lengths)

  • Outside Front Cross-brace - 15" (1 piece) (W) (trike wheel)

  • Inside Front Cross-brace - 12" (1 piece) (W) (trike wheel)

  • Middle Cross-brace - 12" (1 piece) (W) (calf rest)

  • Upper Rear Cross-brace - 12" (1 piece) (W)

  • Footrest - 10.5" (1 piece) (W)

  • Lower Rear Cross-brace - 15" (W) (1 piece) (bottom/rear of wheelchair)

  • Lower Chassis - 32" (2 pieces) (L) 

  • Upper Chassis - 21.5"-22" (2 pieces) (L) (Holds axle)

  • Backrest support - 20" (2 pieces) (H)

1/4 Plywood (2' x 4')

  • Seat panel 15"x15" (2 pieces) (L)x(W)

  • Backrest 15"x16" (1 piece) (W)x(H)

  • Sideguards 17" x 8" to 5" to 2.5" (2 pieces) (L)

  • Lower triangle (scrap, cut to fit) (2 pieces) (L)


  • Leg support - 16" (2 pieces) (L)

Rear Axle = 25" x 1/2" steel rod (1 piece) (W)

Swivel Caster = 6"x2" wheel


  • (50) #10 x 2.5" long

  • (50)  #10 x 3/4" or larger

Hose clamps - (6) 1/2" diameter, (4) 3" in diameter
Foam blocks for suspension
Foam padding for backrest and seat cushion (cut up exercise mat?)

Note - The prototype wheelchair is sized to fit my general size. I am 5' 8" and 140 lbs. 
The width (W) of the wheelchair is 15". 


In order to increase the width to 16", add 1" to all the dimensions labeled with a (W).
To increase the length, add to dimensions labeled with a (L).
To increase the backrest height, add to dimensions labeled with a (H).


The 2x3-X Photo Gallery

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