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Self-Defense Methodologies are Problem Solving Systems – Erik Kondo

All Self-Defense Methodologies are essentially Problem Solving Systems whose desired solution is to deprive an aggressor of his or her Intent and/or Means and/or Opportunity to do harm with in a framework of legal considerations and consequences. The “problem” is “solved” when one or more of Intent, Means, Opportunity has been eliminated.

The viewpoint of the person with the problem influences which system he or she will choose to solve his or her problem. For example, a knife based system will “solve” the person’s problem through it’s knife fighting methods. A Jujitsu system will “solve” via the use of jujitsu techniques. A Firearms Based System will “solve” through the use of a firearm. Traditional Martial Arts “solve” the problem via traditional martial arts, and so on. Therefore, which system people choose to “solve” their problems depends greatly on what they perceive their problem to be.

Someone fearful of home invasions is likely to choose a firearm based system, while someone worried about getting into a bar fight is likely to choose an empty hand based system. A person concerned about being mugged, assaulted or kidnapped on the street may choose a knife based system. People will gravitate to the system that seems best suited to fit their individual needs, beliefs, and personality.

As a practical matter, all problem solving systems take into consideration a limited number of factors, assumptions, outcomes ,and environments. The desired solution will be one or more of all the possible outcomes considered by the system. The more considerations accounted for by the system, the more problems the system is potentially able to solve. Conversely, a system that takes into consideration only few factors, assumptions, outcomes, and environments is only able to solve a narrow band of problems.

When someone says “I would rather be tried by twelve, then carried by six”, they are expressing a belief in only two possible outcomes. In this case, either he dies, or he protects himself without regard to legalities of his actions. There are no other outcomes considered, such as those created by non-lethal threats and scaling defenses done within the law.

True Self-Defense Problem Solving Methodologies must take into consideration the legal aspects of self-defense as part of the factors, assumptions, outcomes, and environments involved. Self-Protection on the other hand isn’t restricted by legalities. In other words, you could use an effective Self-Protection System to “solve” your problem, but you may end up in prison for using that methodology.


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