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Do-It-Ourselves Kid's Water Wheelchair


The Kid's Water Wheelchair is essentially a child size version of the PLASTIC-x2

In this case, the wheels are 22" rather than adult 24", 25", 26". One variation is the design of the footplate and caster supports. I think this is a superior configuration for people with short legs such as children, polio survivors, SCI injured very young, double amputees, etc. 

Thank you to the Chisholm family for both providing these photos and improving the footplate design.

Footplate Modification for People with Shorter Legs

378253547_1764808290615127_3321628838274191388_n (1).jpg

Shorter or No Legs

Screenshot 2023-09-22 115052.jpg

Longer Legs

The configuration on the left uses two continues pieces to form the footplate and is geometrically stronger and easier to build than the one on the right. The casters are more likely to be level and stay level over time.

Kids water2_edited.jpg
Kids water1.jpg
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