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The Do-it-Ourselves 2x4-X

Yes, the 2x4-X is a bit heavy, but so are my off-road handcycles and wheelchairs with power assist add-ons.

I made this prototype primarily with free wood from the scrap bin at Home Depot. 


  • The 8" trike wheel is from Harbor Freight ($16).

  • Instead of metal collars, I am using cheap hose clamps for the 1/2" through axle.

  • The leg supports use 1x4s.

  • The seat and sideguards are 1/4" plywood.

  • Notice the "floating" seat design using a cut up foam block for "suspension". This method is used for lessening impact on martial arts floors for falls.

  • The backrest cushion is foam padding covered with black gorilla tape as a cover.

The 2x4-X is very cheap and easy to build. Perfect for learning about wheelchairs in terms of design and functionality.

2x4-X snow.png

Note: I found the 2x4-X to be a bit heavy as compared to the 2x3-X. Additionally, the 8"x2" trike wheel is less maneuverable and harder to turn than a 6.5"x2'. 

The 2x4-X Photo Gallery

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